Some of our Most Recent Projects

Description: Construct new concrete parking lot at Clovis Community College.  Cut/Fill site to grade, Fine Grade for Improvements, Landscape and Irrigation, Site Lighting, PCC Concrete Pavement, Asphalt and Base Rock Paving Section, Stripe and Install Signage.  Includes Off-site Improvements.

Kerman High School and District Office Lots 5.jpg

Description:   Reconstruct High School and District Office Parking Lots, Provide Storm Drain System, Site Lighting, Irrigation and Landscape, Concrete, Pavement Sections, Seal Coat and Install Signage.


Description:   Overlay parking lots at Fresno City College, Crack Fill, Seal Coat and Stripe. Install Hot Mix Asphalt Speed Bumps, Type II Slurry Seal, Seal Coat, Striping and Signage at Clovis Center.

De Anza College 1.jpg

Description:   Pulverize Existing Pavement Section, Remove Trees, Landscape, Concrete and Site Lighting, Install Storm Drain, Site Lighting, Irrigation and Landscape, Grade and Compact Site, Install Pavement Section, Stripe and Install Signage.


Description:   Remove and Replace Existing Curb and Gutter Sections, Curb Returns, and Cross Gutters, Pulverize Existing Pavement Section, Perform Full-Depth Reclamation, Pave, Fog Seal, Stripe and Install Signage.

Fresno State Savemart Center 3.jpg

Description:   Crack Fill, Seal Coat and Stripe Parking Lot 4.

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